Nov 1, 2006

Seven decades of Domus

Domus is, in my opinion, the world’s most influential architecture and design journal. Founded in 1928 by Milanese architect Gio Ponti, the magazine focused on identifying the style of a particular era, from Art Deco, Modern Movement, Functionalism and Postwar to Pop, Post-Modernism and Late Modern. Beautifully designed and comprehensively documented, page after page this series presents some of the most compelling design (like staircases leading into indoor pools) and architecture projects from around the world. Above are only four of the books from the new 12-book "Domus 1928-1999, Vol. 1-XII" set. TASCHEN sells it for $600—which isn't bad for 7,000 pages of the quintessential works of Modernism.

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Anonymous said...

oh yes, amazon in canada ( has the domus set for around $450 candian - about $375 US and express shipping to US is around $10 USD. I just got the set for shy of $400 US.