Dec 22, 2006

The Black Velvet

For two or three years now I've been making a Holiday Pomegranate Martini (click here for the recipe) on Christmas Eve, it's become somewhat of a tradition I guess. But, I think this year I'm going to break with tradition and try something a little less fruity. I first read about the Black Velvet recently in an issue of Domino but found out that its roots hark back to 1861 at Brooks's Club in London. When Prince Albert passed away, everyone in Britain was in mourning, and the story goes that the bartender at the club ordered that even the champagne should be put into mourning, and proceeded to mix it with Guinness. The taste was so delicious, that people kept making it. I like it because it's both effervescent and rich and has a great flavor.

For 6-8 servings:
1 bottle champagne
1 four-pack Guinness Pub Draught cans

Pour chilled champagne into flute filling glass half way. Add an equal part cold Guinness. Pouring the beer slowly over the back of a spoon helps the champagne and beer separate, but don't be discouraged if you can't get this look right away. The one's I've tried so far look like golden brown bubbly, but I am still trying to master the seperation...hopefully I'll have it down by the 24th.


Quinn said...

I must say Lizzie, this gypsy juice was quite delicious. A true holiday treat...

Anonymous said...

Guinness is heavier, hello! Try pouring it first, then champagne over the back of a spoon... then cuss out all the idiots who told you to do it backwards (that's why it didn't look right!)