Dec 8, 2006


My brother's wonderful and talented girlfriend, Maryam, has a brother (that's right, my brother's girlfriend's brother) that just launched a hip new clothing line (as well as an art collective) called Distilled that just hit the racks of Fred Segal and other local stores (their website has a list of stores). Their logo is a cute little orange and yellow turtle and they're boasting new design-y items like the above jacket with a mobile phone pocket and iPod compartment with headphone outlet. Pretty damn cool. I also really like their Rockaway sweater, check it out!!!!!!


matty said...
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matty said...

oh yes, also I hear this brand is having a dope sample sale next week on the 13th and 14th from 4-9pm at 180 Capp St. (btwn 16th and 17th).

check it out here:


Brett said...

The hoodies are the COOLest!!!!

mkamvar said...

hi lizzie! thanks for the post & compliments :) i love this blog; it will definitely be my inspiration for many christmas presents this year. --maryam