Dec 4, 2006

A Match made in Italy

I think people are developing a more eclectic taste when it comes to glassware and barware. For example, sometimes you want to drink wine out of a stemless Riedel goblet, sometimes drinking wine out of morrocan tumbler is more appropriate, it just depends on the mood. But, I have to say that when making a classic cocktail, like say a Hendrick's and tonic, I prefer something classic and sturdy, like the above double old-fashioned glass by Match. I love the medieval/goth/old-school quality it posesses, which sort of combats the melamine craze—who wants to drink a martini from a plastic cup anyway? All of Match's products are made by Italian artisans from either pewter, iron, wood, stone or glass. In the past year or so they have gained quite a reputation for the quality of their pewter. Get the above glass for $50 at Barneys or check out the Match website for more info.

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Anonymous said...

it's eclectic not acclectic.