Jan 11, 2007

NYC Story Matchbook

Recently my friend and former colleague, Sepideh, blogged about how artist Alexandre Sazonov was gaining recognition for printing sketches on matchbooks (see above), I was so intrigued by the notion of taking a matchbook and developing it further into art that I looked for more. It didn't take long until I stumbled upon the above matchbooks-turned-art at Moss. The designer, "Trade Marc", created the New York City Story matchbook (see below) in 2001, but it was reinterpreted by Tobias Wong in 2006. It's so perfect looking, If I was a New Yorker I would put one in a tiny wall frame and lean it on some books. You can get a book for $25 right here. Also: Check out Sep's new blog Pars-Arts, about the young Iranian diaspora.

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