Mar 29, 2007

Marc misses the mark?

There has been a lot to celebrate about lately: Birthday parties, Spring is here, friends are getting engaged, boyfriends are getting into business school, brothers are getting new jobs, old friends are visiting. Waking up in a fog with my shoes on is starting to seem routine. ::insert segway here:: I first saw the above Dom Perignon champagne cooler by Marc Newson (one of my favorite designers) last year and thought it was really dumb. But this morning I looked at it closely for a second time and kind of liked it, a lot. It's a neon green plastic champagne cooler that looks like a bottle of Dom. It's totally mod and funny. But, then I realized it's an $1000 neon green champagne cooler not quite worth the chuckle and irony. If you think it is click here and then call me because maybe we could hang out sometime.

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Damian Roldan said...

hola soy damian soy argentino parecio muy bueno el blog..lastima qe no se llamo mucho la atencion el diseño de esa hielera..por qe en una catedra de la facultad de arquitectura..diseñe algo parecidp a trajo recuerdos jeje bueno suerte ..chauu