Mar 8, 2007

New from Taschen

I'm on a tight deadline right now so this needs to be quick, but I had to share this new book from Taschen that looks R.A.D.—Shop America: Mid-century Storefront Design 1938-1950. I don't have time to paraphrase this so I'm just going to put it in quotes from their press release: "Sheer optimism and opulence informed everything from automobile design to architecture, infusing design with larger-than-life planes and curves. Storefront design of the era is particularly indicative of this phenomenon, incarnated here in an extensive collection of hand-illustrated shop window designs from 1938 to 1950. These spectacular, often grandiose plans for grocery stores, shoe shops, beauty salons, bakeries, and more are reminders of a time when stores were sacred shrines for the congregation of American shoppers—impressive and even slightly intimidating, just like the future itself." Get it for $49 on the Taschen website. Psst...but it's only $32 right here on Amazon.

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