Mar 6, 2007

OCD bookcase + OCD boyfriend

This morning after finishing my cappuccino, I looked at the side of the cup where I saw a scribble of 3X, meaning three shots of espresso—not the one that usually does just fine in jolting my heart to unhealthy levels. The Starbucks barista on Melrose (who is really an "actor") messed up my order, but I think it may have been the catalyst I needed to make me organize my modest book collection by color. I worked furiously for about 40 minutes and was actually sort of pleased with the result. I have seen bookshelves featured in several magazines lately, like Dwell and Domino, that have featured similar organization schemes and I thought it would be fun to give it a try.
But I have to admit, I think I was more inspired by Matt—who long before the color-coded bookshelf craze (if you can call it that) has been organizing his work shirts by color—something I have given him massive amounts of grief about for years. My apologies, Matt. You were right, it is cool.


Brett said...
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style court said...

I love how all the orange book covers look grouped together. Lucky you have so many with orange jackets :)