Mar 26, 2007

Wishing Tree Toys

Ever work with someone day in and day out for months and months and months and they fail to mention that they have a genius business on the side? Well, that just happened to me when my former colleague Rachel Knight (known as Rachel Ng on mastheads) sent me an email that said, "Hey, check out my wooden toys that make..." Unbelievable! I love these toys, they are too cute to look at, they make me want to squeeze something really hard (especially when you see the Little Elephant). Her toy company, Wishing Tree Toys is also environmentally conscious—the toy puzzles are only made from 100% natural chemical-free basswood. The above "Pig" is $10 and you can purchase right from the website. Even better, Wishing Tree donates a portion of the profits to Save The Children. Yes, save them from bad chemical-laced plastic toys that will give children asthma and get them the good stuff! Thanks for sharing, Rachel. Oh, and to the right is Rachel and her sister dressed up as wonder women, trying to save the world even then.

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