Apr 11, 2007

Fresha Peppa?

What is going on in the pepper grinding industry? I wonder if they have conferences at convention centers where companies show off the latest trends in pepper because the grinders I've seen lately are mind boggling! Have you seen the one that is an automatic button that also has a halogen light to show you where to place the pepper?! It's a combination flashlight/pepper mill. Or the one that looks like a scissors? Or the one made to look like an upside-down wine glass? Or the one that helps you strengthen your hand muscles as well as magnetizes to the fridge? The problem with most grinders (in my experience) is they stop functioning after two weeks. In the case of the pepper mill I think it is always best to go with a sturdy classic, they do their job and last forever. Above is a solid, black pepper mill designed in 1987 by Peugeot (what doesn't Peugeot make?). It's made of lacquered wood, case hardened steel, a grinding mechanism, that's it. It comes with a lifetime guarantee! If you've had trouble with pepper in the past, I suggest getting this or one like it. $45 at Moss, a $45 you wont regret spending. Sur La Table also has the Peugot models and in several colors like "dijon".

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