May 10, 2007

Eames Aluminum Management Chair

Don't mean to obsess over well-designed/over-priced chairs in a short period of time, but, I watched the movie The Holiday the other night (I know, totally cheesy, but I have a weakness for Jack Black) and I couldn't help but notice that the Eames Aluminum Management chair was in almost every character's home or office. Cameron Diaz's character, the film editor, had one in her home office in white. Jude Law's character, the book editor, had one in black in his home office, I'm pretty sure Kate Winslet's character, the newspaper writer, had a mesh one in her office. And if I'm not mistaken the old screen writer had one too, covered in stacks of paper (Jack Black's character, the composer, had to settle for the Arne Jacobsen series 7 side chair). Maybe I would be one of the only people to notice that all these people had the same chair, but come on set designer, mix it up a little more! I can't believe that these chairs were designed in in 1958, they look as modern and sleek as ever. Check them out here at Hive Modern.


Anonymous said...

kate winslet silly g.

Lizzie said...

fixed it, thank you!

Anonymous said...


you need to spell check and stick imdb on your bookmark bar.

i do love these chairs--and of course, the moooohhhvie too.

gonna hit hive now.

ever so grateful for DWG.