May 8, 2007

I'm not another post about reusable bags

The reusable grocery bag saga continues. My friend Katie was the first to tell me about the above Anya Hindmarch tote a few weeks ago, before she went to Paris. She was looking forward to getting her hands on one while in Europe (I guess she got a little distracted getting engaged or something!) Then the Image section of the L.A. Times covered the phenomenon (check out the full article about the $15 bag that's flying off shelves right here). I have accidently started a little bit of a tote collection and I wouldn't mind adding this to it. For groceries though? I don't know, is that a little pretentious? Great beach bag though. Oh and Katie, good news: in case you missed it, the bag will be available for sale in L.A. on Sunday, June 20th at the Anya Hindmarch store on Robertson Blvd. I've already marked my calendar.

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