May 21, 2007

Juniper incense

Another brilliant thing Amy turned me on to: Juniper incense. They say that smell is the strongest sense for recalling memories, and this incense is lovely, really, it won't remind you of your dorm room during your Phish days at all, it will remind you of that superb Rocky Mountain ski lodge you once stayed at. I love walking in my apartment now and it smelling like a cozy fire is burning inside. Literally my neighbor Jamie just knocked on my door to ask for some spare printer paper and said exactly that—and that she was going to buy some immediately. Get a box of 40 incense bricks for $3.50 by clicking right here.


Kerry said...

If you like those, try incense from a really nice website called or natural resin forms from Natural incense is the best!

Kerry Hughes
Author of The Incense Bible

Krista said...

I have the exact same box chez moi, they are very strong smelling and wonderful =] I don't need to keep one going for very long either. I wish I had some for my dorm room now <_<