May 23, 2007

Load-Ding Device Organizer

I don't know about you all, but there is an outlet near the foot of our bed where my hair dryer, Matt's phone and my phone are always plugged in at night. The phones are always on the floor tangled in each other and without fail about once a week either Matt or I trip, stub a toe, or almost face plant when getting up in the middle of the night. True story. That's why the above Load-Ding Device Organizer is genius. Because no matter how stupid it is that we leave phones tangled on the floor near our bed, we're not going to change plugging them in there...ever. It consists of a flat piece of white plastic that forms a tray that cradles your phone, ipod, camera, etc. It comes in black, red or pink and is even flocked on the inside. It's smart, practical, and German. Get it at A+R for $15. Hell, I'd pay much more not to face plant onto a finial.

1 comment:

Quinn said...

This may quite possibly be the best invention ever.....ever.