May 3, 2007

Tair Mercier (again)

I'm STILL sick, blarg! But I think that finally (and I don't want to jinx myself) I'm getting better. Finally! I feel like I've been held up in my apartment for months not really being able to do anything or go anywhere. I've been watching a marathon of Six Feet Under and The Wonder Years, which is a bazaar combination to say the least. The only other thing keeping me occupied is checking my email every hour on the hour. One email exchange was with my friend Heather, who just returned from Paris and was gushing about how much she liked the Tair Mercier placemats she spotted. They are totally sweet, and according to Heather are only 5 Euro a pop in France. The selection over there is much better than what I've seen here too, but hey, that just gives you yet another reason to go to Paris. There is a limited selection at Elsewares and Akar Design as well as a pretty hefty selection at OK store in L.A. (sorry no e-commerce though). Anyone know some other good sources for buying Tair Mercier? Above is a shot of the one placemat I have and use under Harrison's dog bowls.

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