May 25, 2007

Vintage Golf Carts

What is the only thing that could possibly be better than a restored classic car? The answer is: A restored classic golf cart. Today marks the beginning of Memorial Day weekend which marks the beginning of summer. In classic form I will be BBQ-ing, drinking, and playing golf this weekend. Because I'm "in the middle of changing my swing", my favorite thing to do on the course is cart around like a maniac. I have to say that one of my personal goals is to own a super-Waspy vintage golf cart when I'm older (really, it's a personal goal), like the above 1973 Club Car Caroche. Check out this website for more info about buying your own vintage golf cart. Happy long weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Angie and I also have a 1973 club car . My husband and I are in the process of fixing it up. Any suggestions would be helpful, we have alot of work to do and it will be fun.Please contact me at

Taylor said...

i am also in the process of restoring one.but i need some visuals and detailed notes on how to wire this thing my email is.