Jun 8, 2007

Linen Playlist: The Top Ten from Nena Woolworth

You know how iTunes does celebrity playlists? Well, this is like that-only instead of songs it's sheets, baby. I couldn't think of a better person to ask than Nena Woolworth, she's a socialite, a brilliant NY based interior designer, a self-described "preppy pirate", and an absolute linen-aholic. In fact, her bed rarely stays unmade for more than 2.5 minutes after she gets up (excluding a period in 1997 when she took to the bed for months mourning the passing of Princess Diana). Below are her top picks (some more "accessable" than others) and if you don't know much about linens I would take notes, detailed notes. I personally am a fan of Laguna Beach-based Kerry Cassill linens (track #7) and New Orleans-based Leontine linens (track #5).

Nena's favorites in ranking order:

1. My all-time favorite sheets are 30 year-old D. Porthault linens I stole from my parents. The vintage linens tend to be of better quality, better pattens and more vibrant colors than today's.

2. Contemporary D. Porthault would come in as second favorite (as you can tell I'm a Porthault freak). I've been collecting these since 1988. I've purchased them in Paris, New York, London, as well as at yard sales, tag sales and on ebay.

3. Leron is a French brand I love for their softness, quality, and the major TLC that goes into the manufacturing process.

4. Leontine Linens of New Orleans for their fabulous old-school monorgrams reminicent of three or four generations back.

5. Pratesi for their more contemporary looks and patterns.

6. Wamsutta is the best for simple white cotton fitted sheets, they last forever.

7. Kerry Cassill for their vibrant colors, softness, and beachy patterns.

8. Anthropologie quilts are always a favorite of mine, their bold patterns and soft cotton are great for naps.

9. Indian cotton blankets and tapestries that you can get at your local Hare Krishna outpost are a dime a dozen in my home.

10. When in a pinch I tell people to opt for Schweitzer Linen, the "poor man's Porthault".

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