Jul 19, 2007

A cleaning disaster

I bought this chair at the Fairfax High School flea market one Sunday a few years ago. It sat next to our door and I always liked the way it looked against the soft white wall. Harrison chewed up one of the legs one day, but still, I didn't care because I was really attached to it. Recently Harrison mistook a bic pen for a bone—causing a puddle of blue ink to explode and spread from the pen to her mouth to the floor to her feet and finally onto my beloved chair where she likes to sit and wait for us while we're out. Now that we're moving I wanted to give the chair one last chance at life by cleaning it. I tried a really intelligent combination of nail polish remover, Goo-Gone, and dish soap followed by 15 minutes of a hair dryer on high. It doesn't take a genius to know that the chair looks worse now that it ever did (and it was never in good condition to start with). Still, I am considering taking it—what's wrong with me? Any one have a clue what I might be able to do to save this, or is it a lost cause?

1 comment:

DM said...

Reupholster it! It has a great shape.