Aug 6, 2007

Crawl On, Baby.

The silicone craze continues with its latest output: stylish silicone baby knee pads called Silipads. A former colleague of mine, Giuliana, is one of the mommy geniuses that has started the inventive company, Silikids. As much as these pads may represent safety, something about them sort of reminds me of early 90's skateboarding, like a little bad ass baby skateboarder would wear them, so cool! They're great for kids for tons of reasons, they're durable and pliable, there are no open pores to harbor bacteria, they're dishwasher and washer & dryer friendly and silicone is a environmentally friendly substance, from its manufacturing to its disposal, no harmful byproducts are produced. I think this would be perfect for a little 10-month old baby that used to live in my building. He's starting to crawl but there isn't much clean space in his urban surroundings to safely go for it outdoors. Watch for more great products from Silikids, the Silipads are just the beginning. You can get a pair for $15 by clicking right here.

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