Aug 2, 2007


Just returned home from the Moss press preview with my friend Heather. It was spectacular. I was surprised to hear that their L.A. outpost will be strictly a gallery, not a shelter store/gallery which I previously thought. I showed some of my photos to Matt's family and got responses ranging from "weird as hell" to "I want that, print that photo out". The latter response was Matt's mom referring to the Glitterbox chandeliers by Georg Baldele for Swarovski Crystal Palace. They really are incredible. In fact, you can get similar versions from the Moss website, like this for just around 26 large. I think the gallery has a very bright future in L.A, congrats to Murray Moss and the rest of his crew and thank you Heather for taking me!

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Anonymous said...

i like how you said 26 large.
very "married to the mob"/"good fella's".