Sep 18, 2007

French Antique Demijohns, etc.

I was reading the September issue of Domino, which I rarely read anymore because—frankly—I feel like I have to pop a Dramamine in order to get from cover to cover. Anyway, I thought this month was a superb issue. My favorite part was the feature on the two creative forces (Johnson Hartig + Cindy Greene) behind the fashion label Libertine. Specifically what I loved was a little sidebar called Libertine Rules To Live By. The first of the 15 rules is: Invest in one good antique to anchor a room. Profound, isn't it? Haha. I had been on the hunt for a French antique demijohn (bulbous, long-neck bottles that can hold three to 10 gallons of liquid, sometimes called carboys) ever since I saw them at Swanson Vineyard's tasting salon in Napa. It would be a great anchor to a modern table or kitchen or just on the floor. The problem with the above pictured demijohn I spotted from Alhambra Antiques is—I'm looking for one with a label, not sure why, just want one. A few of the other Libertine maxim's I like are:

Always have an extra case of champagne on hand.

Forget about purebred dogs; adopt a mutt.

Buy your favorite books in hardback—that's one thing you'll never grow tired of.

Monogram as much as you can! It shows you care.


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled upon your blog while searching french demijohns. Here's a link to one with the wine label.

Happy decorating!

Anonymous said...

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