Sep 26, 2007

The Small Stakes

My friend and former neighbor Tim at our apartment building in L.A., Villa del Fuente, is really into the band Wilco, in fact he took Matt and I once to see them at The Greek. He has all sorts of really cool posters of the band up on his walls. In fact, I think the Oakland company The Small Stakes is responsible for half of Tim's decor. They have really poppy posters both in bold colors like the above Cat Power poster and neutrals for lots of independent bands. They add a little "edge" and "crispness" to a wall. I love them. Most posters are 18" x 24" and cost $25. If you really like one, go for it, they sell limited amounts so they sell out fast. Check them all out right here.

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Tim said...

Speaking of...we saw the boys at the Ol' Greek Theatre and had a great great evening. In fact, I bought a new poster. It's from GET A CLUE.I don't think any of the posters I own are from THE SMALL STAKES, but they make really cool stuff and now that I now about them (from your blog!), maybe I'll get some of their stuff!!!

check out the Wilco Store for more cool posters: