Oct 22, 2007

Hearth, Wind + Fire

I'm currently in the OC visiting my parents for a few days, and it's been quite the time to be here. When I arrived The Santa Ana winds started blowing with gusts topping 100 mph—that's like a hot, dry, class 4 hurricane. We watched as a fire started burning in the distance and it was quite a spectacle until a few hours later when it started to look like Kilauea, complete with soaring ambers and red flames jumping over tollways. Scary stuff. We evacuated voluntarily and returned this morning to a house unscathed (as of right now). I am really feeling for the people, especially up in Malibu, who have had to leave their homes behind for good. It has to be a surreal feeling to pack up your car and say, "What should we take with us?"

Best of luck to the fire fighters and everyone involved in this fire storm. Stay safe. More posts about design later in the day.

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