Dec 11, 2007

Mayor Daley is a fashionista.

Ok that title might be an exaggeration, but "da Mayor" does have a serious fashion agenda he's set forth for the city. I met with Melissa Gamble this morning, Director of Fashion Arts and Events for The City of Chicago, also known by some as the Windy City's "Fashion Czar", who is in charge of the effort to ramp up Chicago's thread-worthiness. Most notably, Gamble's department has set up the Chicago Fashion Resource a website that outlines Chicago's hottest designers, like Belgian transplant Anke Loh, neighborhoods, boutiques, and events. It's a great site for visitors, new residents and Chicago natives alike. I had no idea that the fashion industry and government could be fused together like this, quite an unlikely intersection. It's working though, in fact other cities are catching on and thinking of implementing similar programs. Go Mayor Go!


Anonymous said...

yet another great example of mayor daley spending taxpayer money on what?

Lizzie said...

Yes, I agree, probably not the most immediate need for tax dollars. But the little that I do know of the program is that it has a very small budget and has been created to spark an interest in the private sector.