Dec 7, 2007

Monogram Madness

I've been tracking the return of the monogram for a little while now and I can confidently say: The monogram is back, and I mean main-stream back (J.Crew, etc.). When I monogram, I like to keep it old school. The West Elm modern font stuff seems counter-intuitive to me—if you want to go sleek and modern then why would want to add intricacy? Right? Maybe it's just me. Above and below are some great monograms that I really love. I put this together pretty quickly so please let me know if I left out something major. Above: Iomoi lucite tray ($100 for small, $200 for large, $650 for ottoman size); party coasters ($50 for 100) and matchbooks ($40 for 50) both from Long Island's The Monogram Shop in Locust Valley and East Hampton—I even know someone who used to work there. Below is a Reed & Barton mint julep cup ($53); John Derian 5.75" plate ($44) and coasters ($25, letters available: L,O,V,E); I love Tervis tumblers ($56 for 4), just ordered some the other day. When you get really serious about monogramming, be sure to check out Leotine Linens of New Orleans, their products are all made by hand.

My favorite thing in the world that I have monogrammed is this antique Tiffany & Co. cigarette case with wood interior circa the 1920s. My mom gave it to me ten years ago when I graduated 9th grade. Modern cigarettes don't fit inside because the filter makes them too long to run up and down, but I do keep a single Parliament Light (circa the 90's) in there for historical purposes!


Kathleen said...

I totally agree ... Monograms seem to be popping up everywhere! Someday I'll be able to treat myself to Leotine, but for now, I just ordered sheets from Williams Sonoma Home, and I'm really happy with them.

Here's a link to one of their many offerings

And here it is in my room (note, the bed itself has not arrived, and the whole thing has been greatly disheveled by a cat acclimating to a new home)

Lizzie said...

Thanks Kathleen, looking great. I did forget to mention Goyard: check my post on them from last year if you're interested.