Jan 21, 2008

Filson Luggage

It's still in the arctic single digits in Chicago, it's literally warmer in Alaska. The only thing keeping me sane is the fact that in two weeks we're getting out of here! Matt and I, with our friends Katie and Mark, are heading to warmer weather and I've been completely over-planning the trip. Naturally I've been scanning the internet for all sorts of travel-related goods including luggage mostly just to keep my eyes off the kitchen knives. One of my new favorites is Filson, they're sort of the Barbour of the U.S., or maybe just a less-nerdy Orvis. Filson is an original, they began as an outfitter for the Klondike Gold Rush in 1897, and I really like their rugged luggage—maybe not suitable for The Plaza, but when you see a photo of the North Eleuthra "airport", our final destination, you'll understand. Unlike nylon bags, Filson bags only get better with use due to their water-resistant heavyweight oiled canvas and bridle leather construction which softens and develops greater character over time. You might see some new companies making similar “inspired-by” field bags in the same style, but just know that Filson's motto is: "Might As Well Have The Best". Top: Large Duffle Bag ($285); second from top: Tin Cloth Small Duffle ($135); bottom right: Medium Duffle Bag ($265); bottom left (just in case you're stuck in the cold for a while): Log Carrier ($70).

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