Jan 22, 2008

Wary Meyers Decorative Arts

I had read about the design duo Wary Meyers before but completely forgot about them until yesterday when my genius friend Ashley, who's mom is a Boston-based interior designer, forwarded me the link to their website. Seeing interiors, like the above Brooklyn home, really makes me want to be an interior designer. The Wary Meyers team also designs clothing, creates paintings, and makes installation pieces. Early this year a very cool design store will be opening in New York called Linhardt Design, which Wary Meyers will be designing the interior of. If you're not familiar with their work, you still might have seen it as John Meyers, half of the team, worked as the Corporate Display Director for Anthropologie. Below is one of their many pet portraits, which I love, and below that is an interior shot of a NYC home they designed. The last photo is one of their special projects, a hand-painted Eames chair that the team recieved a ton of press and recognition for in the Fall of 06. Check out the website to see more.


Anonymous said...

The rooms are very well designed. The portrait of the dog is very cute. I myself took the help of interior designers to decorate my home. Decorative Arts give a good look to the rooms.

Sophie said...

Their website is awesome! I love the coats and and the Portland Maine interior the most. And the animal paintings are just the cherry on top of it all!