Mar 6, 2008

It's a great time to be a pyro

With restaurant matchbooks inching closer and closer to extinction with smoking bans in most major cities, it's no surprise that other industries have picked up the slack. I'm loving some of these kitchen matchbooks with the long sticks for lighting candles and fires. They're kind of kitschy, but everyone's got a little kitsch inside them right? I think they also make a great party favor or stocking stuffer, etc. All the above matchbooks are from Aero Home ($3 each) and contain 50 matches. The matchbox below is from Iomoi ($12 for set of 2) and comes with 250 matches in each box.


Curly Girl Glass said...

I used to collect matchbooks from everywhere I went and I asked folks to bring them back for me if they were going anywhere. Now my collection is just dusty. Good to see there's hope for continuations of those weird collections.

Hilda said...

I'd love to have some of these for the bathroom (for lighting the scented candles). I don't think I've seen any pretty match books/boxes here in Manila.