Jul 7, 2008

1980's surf tees

It's interesting how the 1980s are coming back into all facets of the design world. I'm loving the cheeky 80s-inspired graphic design that surf brands are putting out this summer. All t-shirts from Swell and Huntington Surf & Sport.


Heather said...

Some 1980's kick-back I don't mind, but the retro RayBans are just stuck in my craw. It could be that kids that were barely alive in the 80's are wearing them and my awareness of my age is making me surly.

Ryan said...

Here's another example of the trend:

A quick ebay search reveals that some of these retro surf t-shirts are collectors items, too. I saw a T&C surf t-shirt selling for $70! (Also do a search for Oakley Frogs.)

To think of all my vintage 80s and 90s surf stuff I gave away to Goodwill...