Jul 17, 2008

crane grater

My wonderful friend Lisa is staying with us this week before she heads down to southern Illinois to take photos of an organic bee farm. She gave us the above Japanese crane grater ($25) as a thank you, and I'm in love with it. I've been using it for garlic and ginger and don't want to put it away because it's so pretty. Each single "tooth" of this palm-sized copper grater is carved out and pointed upwards by hand using the same technique craftsmen would from the Edo period. Because it is hand made, the shape and length of each tooth is slightly distinct, but this actually helps intensify the overall grating effect. I also learned that when a ceramic or steel graters is used, the ginger or garlic gets crushed causing the vegetable fiber and juice to separate. The tin plated copper grater prevents the ginger from being crushed, keeping it fresh and perfect in taste! I personally think it makes a fab gift. Stay tuned for a guest blog in a week or so from Lisa about photographers to invest in now!

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