Jul 24, 2008

Urban Outfitters Apartment

Everyone is trying to do things and find things on the cheap these days. I know I am. I was sorta shocked about the selection at Urban Outfitters Apartment. I always thought of their home stuff as books about marijauna and ironic shot glasses. Things have changed. For one, they carry Blu Dot's 2006 Real Good Chair ($100), and for about 20% less than most other places. They've also got great values on headboards, side tables, benches, lighting, sofas all knock offs of or inspired by classic pieces. The catch is that all of this is online purchases only, so you can't see it in person before you buy.

L7 console table ($250)

Dauphine velvet headboard ($325)

X marks the table ($120)

Either/Or convertible sofa ($550)

Openhiemer door hooks ($16)

3-D chandelier ($36)

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