Jan 5, 2009

Priscilla Woolworth's Eco-Friendly General Store

I wouldn't want to start off another year of blogging any other way than with a post about my friend Priscilla Woolworth's new online general store. I still remember walking into Priscilla's home in L.A. for the first time five years ago and being inspired to no end by her use of color and objets d'art. As I got to know her over the years I observed her deep passion for the planet, public health, and products that help people live better. You may have guessed by her last name that running a general store is in her blood. Priscilla is four generations away from one of the founders of the Woolworth chain and believes with a little updating, an old-fashioned Woolworth General Store can serve a new set of customers and become much more than just a fond memory. Her goal is to provide the best selection of Eco-friendly products on the market, which are practical, well designed and affordable. Check it out right here! Above: Headscratcher ($5), I've felt this and it is unbelievable, I'll be ordering mine right after I finish this post.

Argentinian Incense Burner ($90).

Natural Parenting Book ($15).

Recycled Aluminum Foil ($5.25).

Golden Rules Painting on wood ($120).

Bio Bags for dogs ($6.50), these are great! I'm glad I have a better online source to order them.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I love this!

Karen Malka said...

Love the idea. Funny how it is a "large" bag. Do they have X-Tra large too? ;)