Mar 26, 2009

Paul Smith L.A.

I've been more M.I.A. than I planned to be this week. Part of the reason is because I forgot to pack my camera cord and the other is because it's been so unbelievably beautiful in Southern California that I haven't wanted to do anything but be outside. I took some snaps this afternoon at Paul Smith with my iPhone, but I've got some good stuff for next week including a look inside Trina Turk's residential boutique in Palm Springs. I have to say if I had to pick one clothing store to live in, it would probably be the Paul Smith store on Melrose. They have bikes, they have books, they have an amazing salon wall, they have David Hockney prints, Nelson clocks, vintage Rolexes, do I need to go on?


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Wow Lizzie, LOVE this post! You inspired me to look up the shop, only to realize that there is a new Paul Smith store here in San Francisco. Well, I ran down as fast as possible. AMAZING. I asked if I could take photos and they said no. I was so disappointed!

Coming down to So. Cal in two weeks, so I'll be sure and visit that shop too. Thanks for the "heads up" and the lovely post!


Lizzie said...

Yeah, I heard about the new SF store while I was there, I bet it it's great!