Mar 18, 2009

To tattoo or not to tattoo

Did you know Barry Goldwater had a tattoo? So did Teddy Roosevelt and his daughter Alice. There's a whole slew or royals that were inked too, like Queen Victoria, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Princess Stefanie of Monaco—Prince Charles is even rumored to have a tattoo from his Navy days. This weekend I was having dinner with two friends and we wondered if a tattoo is so commonplace now that it's more punk not to have one. What do you think? Chew it over with the below photos of celebs and let me know. Above: Lindsay Lohan's finger tat.

Marc Jacobs

Anthony Bourdain

Johnny Depp

Jude Law

Kate Moss


Janice Joplin

JFK jr.



Heath Ledger

Heidi Klum

Jake Gyllenhaal


Caroline Kennedy

Daniel Craig


Anonymous said...

It IS more punk to not have a tattoo.

TattooYou said...

It is more punk to have tattoos, only under some circumstances is it not. This topic is straight out of SLC Punk or something.

Sarah said...

i'm tattooed and headed for more. it's addicting. as for if it's more punk or not...i think it will always be just plain badass to have tattoos, those things hurt!

Anonymous said...

YES to tatts!! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

I like naked. No interruptions.