Apr 21, 2009

Skeppshult bikes

It's finally almost bike season in Chicago, despite the fact that the weather forecast called for snow last night. Srsly, Chicago, WTF, let's go, this is getting really dumb. Everywhere else magnolia trees are blooming and the sun is shining! If I had any choice in bikes I think I'd get my mitts on a Swedish designed Skeppshult. The company claims there are many reasons people love Skeppshult. Some appreciate Swedish design, some like the upright seat positions, some prefer Skeppshult for the easy to operate gear shift and brake system, and then there's those who choose Skeppshult simply because a good looking bike inspires them to ride more often. That would be me. The downside is of course the prices start at around $1800 and work there way on up from them. Click here for more info.


BookWormz said...

Hi there! I, too, can't wait for summer to finally, officially start here in Chicago! My dh got me a brand new, shiny blue Trek for Christmas, and I've only had the chance to ride it ONCE! Can't wait to start! I hear this weekend is supposed to be in the 80s... hooray!!

paula said...

Now I want one with a basket of course. Just lovely.