Apr 2, 2009

Spring cleaning

I have an article in this month's Chicago Magazine about how to clean your home for your health and the environment. It's essentially a guide to detoxing your living space from harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your health and the planet. Ever since writing it, cleaning has become a major priority for me. This morning I found myself dust-busting my door mat, for example. While Matt and I typically keep our apartment very neat, I've noticed that since I've cranked it up a notch, our apartment looks much better design-wise. I wanted to share a few of the tips from the article on DESIGNwatcher. Also check out Plastica's Spring Clean section, they have some of the best-looking cleaning tools around. Like the above recycled plastic tub ($12-$18) and the below Japanese pot scrubbers ($4).

Detox your home with six easy steps

1. Even if you're an A/C person, try and open your windows when you can to let your space naturally ventilate.

2. Use a door mat, vacuum it when you can, and try not to wear shoes in the house if you've been outside.

3. Buy a vacuum cleaner with a bag (and a HEPA filter if you can). Avoid the trendy bagless Dysons of the world—which re-pollute dust and allergens back into the home.

4. Switch to non-toxic house cleaners like Mrs. Meyers or Clorox Green Works. They work.

5. Microfiber your life! Use Microfiber mops and rags, they are amazingly light and durable. Microfiber is an ultra-fine synthetic fiber that traps more particles, absorbs oils, and cleans way way better than a paper towel or rag. You'll immediately notice the difference. I get mine here.

6. Anything with an aerosol trigger is probably bad for you to inhale.

For the full article, pick up the April copy of Chicago Magazine.

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