Jun 30, 2009


Last night our apartment went from still livable to very very sad as we packed away lots of our favorite stuff. It's amazing how different a place can look by simply taking away all the books. It was especially hard to do since we have house guests coming this weekend for the Fourth, but I'm sure we'll survive for another week. Understandably it's been a little hard to get excited and inspired about furniture, but how great are these air mail envelopes and mail accessories from Present&Correct!? Now that's something I can relate to right now. And even more awesome are their colored masking tapes. (via Yellow Owl Workshop blog).

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Poppy K said...

Hey! I was just helping my uncle clean out his basement and I came accross a cache of old prestamped airmail envelopes and post-cards!

Good luck with your move - I hope it all goes smoothly. Chicago will miss you, but I look forward to dispatches from your new locale.