Jul 23, 2009

Feelings about postcards

Matt and I are a little bit in limbo as far as our living situation goes. We're waiting on a few key details of our lives before we settle in a neighborhood of L.A.—especially since it's a commuter town and minimizing freeway time maximizes life time. I've got my temporary office set up which is great, but I'm missing all my paperweights, cork boards, clocks and numerous post cards that are still in a box marked "LG office". Right now I just have the one postcard that my friend Ashley recently sent me and it's neatly resting on my computer. The guy behind the postcard is her friend Justin Kerr of DIY or else. I don't know about you guys, but I personally have solid emotions about calculator watches, I'm for them!

Zub Zen Watch by Matthew Waldman ($100).

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Poppy K said...

I have a Nooka and I love it!