Jul 15, 2009

Road trip log: Day 3

Colorado Springs to Phoenix, check! We had a grueling day of driving yesterday through Santa Fe, Flagstaff and to our stopping destination where the thermometer was registering a whopping +110F. We’re taking a “leisure day” today and living the good life with Matt’s grandparents outside of PHX. Matt’s grandfather used to race Mini Coopers and Alpha Romeos in the 1960s (Does it get cooler than that!?). There are plenty of interesting relics in their home like the above photo of Dr. James Ryel in his 1965 Mini Cooper S after a win in 1967 at the Stardust International Raceway in Las Vegas. Tomorrow we’re going to head back to Los Angeles and we’re really looking forward to grabbing a Double-Double at In-N-Out for lunch! Woo hoo!

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Susan Graham said...

I definitely would have bought it the first time around! It's just beautiful and you can do so many things with it for the different seasons. It looks just beautiful as you have it right now...love this site.