Nov 17, 2009

Randy Newman is so right.

There's a cute little Juliet balcony off our bedroom in our new apartment. Last night we slept with the door completely open and it was totally dreamy to fall asleep to the sound of palm tree branches lightly rustling.

Just one more reason why I LOVE living in L.A.: it's mid-November and we're sleeping with doors wide open. Last year at this time I think I was probably navigating my closet so I could un-box my long underwear. In terms of keeping the plants alive: I'm working on it. This innovative watering can may help.

Designed by French-born Pascal Charmolu, this watering can is made of 18-0 stainless steel and has a flexible silicone hose with a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to the can’s body when not in use. Sweet. get it here ($96).

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