Nov 11, 2009

Wedding Turtle!

I am so excited to blog about a new company that is totally awesome called Wedding Turtle! Full disclosure: it was started by my lovely/genius/rad sister-in-law, but I would be hardcore endorsing it regardless. It's a website that people can use to share pictures after a wedding—no friending on Facebook, no email addresses, no "please email me those!", no downloading software—just as the WT tagline simply states: "your pictures...their pictures...married". You just upload and share. It is genius. I won't lie, Matt and I checked Wedding Turtle almost every day from Argentina (busted!) to see people's pics, and now there are well over 600 photos that we undoubtedly wouldn't have had if it weren't for Wedding Turtle. I love how the site combines all sorts of pics from iPhones to the latest Canons and even scanned photos--like a digital scrapbook. If you are getting married or just got married or know someone who is getting married soon, tell them about Wedding Turtle, it's free! Here are some of our Wedding Turtle greatest hits:

This photo is of the Wedding Turtle founder and my brother (handsome couple, no?) a scan from our photobooth, more on that soon!

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Danielle said...

Fabulous pics! What a snazzy karate champ...