Dec 16, 2009

Fort Knox sunglasses

I've posted about Fort Knox Sunglasses ($60) before on this blog, but staring at the Paul Newman photo, I noticed it looks like he's wearing them. And then where else did I see someone wearing them? Oh yeah, Don Draper donned them this season.

Get them here, did I mention they're only $60!?

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Nick Davey said...

These are glasses mad according to US military specs, mine are identical to Draper's, but made in the US by Randolph Aviation. Ray ban make a version with gold frames, but they look like shit. The Randolph's are pretty cheap too. You can usually pick up new issued glasses on ebay for a good price. I have a Black framed pair with larger lenses bought in 1995 which have been all around the world with me and have only got one little scratch.