Dec 21, 2009

Kimmel Kids

I just got a tour of the incredibly cool studio of the tremendously talented artist Karen Kimmel. And when I say "tremendously talented" that may be an understatement as she's collaborated with Aardvark Letterpress, New Editions, Fendi, Nike and Marc Jacobs. Her work has been exhibited at a long list of galleries and museums including Chicago's MCA—and featured in Vogue, W, and on Design*Sponge to name a few media outlets. So needless to say, she's an accomplished artist. Recently Kimmel put out a line of laser-cut stencils for kids called The Art of Exchange Art Tools ($12-$120). She was telling me this morning how sometimes kids reach a certain age in school and everything to do with coloring and art becomes about accuracy, so she was inspired to make creative artistic tools for kids that foster exploration and abstract thinking. I think they're great! They're aimed for kids ages 6 and up, but I have to be frank, I want them for myself. Plus, the canvas case they come in can double as a super cool laptop sleeve. For more info check out: Karen Kimmel and Kimmel Kids. Thanks Karen!

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Stephanie Tyler said...

Love it, I have to get them for my kids!