Feb 22, 2010

>> a muddy and bloody dinner party

On Saturday we had a little dinner party and it was one of the first times we were able to use our new Mud Australia tabletop which came from our TableArt wedding registry. We are so appreciative of Walter Lowry, TableArt owner and tabletop God. He takes great care to help couples really get the best bang for their buck and find their style, even if they think they know it already. Thanks Walter!

We got really lucky with dinner, the Chile-braised short ribs were literally falling of the bone, but you can read more about the menu from one of the guests, the one and only Foodinista.


Anonymous said...

how clever. people will think you are referring to the red meat instead of the oban bottle when you say "bloody."

Cinty said...

We have just ordered 10 of the Tolix chairs. Were they comfortable or do you think we will need cushions (hope not)?

Lizzie said...

I think they're comfortable, but cushions will only make them more comfortable. Try 'em out for a few months and see if you find yourself really wanting them. I thought we would and now I don't think we will.