Oct 21, 2010

>> road trip to santa cruz

Matt and I like taking weekend road trips, especially in the Jan/Feb off-season. This year I kind of have a hankering to go to Santa Cruz. I remember it being pretty great when I was 18, back when getting into a jazz club underage was "the ultimate". Built by Wendy tee ($45); flea market beads; trail jacket ($261); neckerchief ($13); soft sole mocs ($38); California field notes ($10 for set of three); Stanley water bottle ($36); Ella Dish collar and lead ($68); L.L. Bean signature duffel ($135); Blackbird vintage shades ($353).

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My Daily Inspiration Board said...

i have the day off and was just wondering what to do with the day here in the Bay Area....this post is inspiring me to hit the road! Love, love that jacket!