Dec 10, 2010

>> eating and sleeping in a wigwam

Although some of us may still think that driving across the country is an American rite of passage where Keroac-esque drum beats guide your youthful adventure that will surely and profoundly change you, the reality is you're in a below-ground room at the Days Inn in Creep Fest, Utah eating Wendy's while searching basic cable with a plastic-covered remote control. Once you crack the window, mis-ratioed chlorine wafts in from the pool and seduces the stale yet sweet cigarette smell that has been blanketing the furniture since 1977. You take a few Tylenol PMs and try and forget.

But chlorine aside, at a certain point in our country's young history, maybe this wasn't the case. Because at a certain point, there were tee-pee motels. In fact, there were seven, all built between 1936 and the 1950s which spread from California to Florida. Two remain as hotels (one in San Bernadino, CA and one in Holbrook, AZ) and they both offer FREE in-teepee WiFi.


Rivet Head said...

Been to the ones in AZ and KY....went to KY on my honeymoon in 2002. What a fun way to sleep out!

Zinzi said...

OMG. privacy of her own teepee. holy shit.