Dec 5, 2010

>> matt's gift guide for guys!

Hi folks, it's Matt, Lizzie's husband, the guy who's personal life has been spewed all over the internet since 2006—without ever having been asked a single time if it was okay. (I love you too, Lizzie.) Year after year, holiday season after holiday season, I've been begged and pleaded by my crazy/stylish (yes, I meant crazy AND stylish) wife to put out a men's holiday gift guide; unlike prior years, currently I have bigger, more dangerous battles to fight rather than deny her request (Baja 500 here I come!), hence the first-ever possibly-annual men's gift guide has finally arrived. Alright, in the spirit of honesty and transparency, there was no begging or pestering, this is just the first time Lizzie has ever felt confident enough to allow me to grace the pages of DESIGNwatcher on my own accord. I guess after 8 years of unrelenting stylistic critique, she finally felt I wouldn't make a fool of myself. I have to preface this gift guide by saying that I'm neither a huge fan of video games nor gadgets. They certainly make great guy gifts, but I'm in no position to be giving any advice on either. Alright, with that out of the way, let's get going.

Bonobos candy cane cords ($125) are fun and only moderately flamboyant; Republic Bikes ($460) are custom fixies, 'nuff said; Fischer Space Pens ($20) are pure engineering genius, and I also like Steve McQueen's folding Persols ($310) for the exact same reason; Davidoff Special R cigars ($49 for three) great quality and a quick smoke; Wilson Surge Paddle ($99) best accessory for my new favorite winter sport; Hario coffee dripper ($25) isn't for everyday use, but ideal for a weekend morning when coffee is more about quality than necessity; Kershaw pocket knifes ($140) make great companions on trips to Chinatown; Kisses' Heart of the Nightlife LP ($25) just saw these guys live before they went to Japan, definitely worth a listen; Monster Beats In-Ear Headphones by Dr. Dre ($150) speaking of listening, I have no idea if these are good, but they travel light and look cool; Lizzie is obsessed with feathers and arrows, makes sense that I'm obsessed with Softsoled Moccasins ($38); King cube ice trays ($10) make giant ice cubes, just one is enough for any cocktail; Brooks Brother's custom dress shirts (Prices start at $130) make up the majority of my wardrobe; Burton ski/snowboard socks ($25) are perfect when neither workout nor dress socks fit the bill; Life by Keith Richards ($17) will make any dude feel cool for reading; Lizzie thinks Oban scotch ($75) tastes like gasoline, therefore I get the entire bottle to myself for once; Hartford long-sleeved shirts ($150) are comfortable and stylish, my weekend go-to; Quoddy Grizzly boots ($410) are made in Maine so they're real ass-kickers; Lizzie here: Matt has lost one of almost every pair of cuff links I've ever given to him, therefore he does not deserve these Airship cuff links ($295); Elevate tongs ($12) are good for keeping drops of "Matt's famous burgers" off the counter; when your wallet is too bulky and a rubber band doesn't cut it Leffot fold wallets ($95) are the perfect option.


lisa wyatt said...

yes to king cube ice tray, hartford shirts-love! not so sure about those pants Matt, but i am sure that if anyone could get away with rockin' those it would be you! Lizzie, Matt works so hard... get him the cufflinks!

Pam B. said...

Hey Matt...WAY TO GO...terrific suggestions for Mr. Bailey !!!!
Thanks for the suggestions and hope you guys have a great holiday this year!

Amanda said...

Loved this! Well done indeed, Matt!

danielle said...

I adore you and your gift guide- very helpful!
Great job- Lizzie, you got a good one.

thefoodinista said...

who knew? he shops AND he writes with style. well done, matt! can't wait to share with the man of the our house.