Dec 22, 2010

>> the twelve blogs of christmas

These are the blogs I've really enjoyed this year. Just in case you get a little antsy this week and need something to read...

A Continuous Lean is such a joy to read. Its focus is menswear, but it's really an education in American style.

A Crush on Every Girl and Every Car tumbles cool cars, cool girls and often the combination. Love.

Abstract City is clever, genius and hilarious. Christopher Niemann is a Blog God.

Black Eiffel is always flawlessly chic.

Dead Fleurette is a lady's style blog I quite like.

Dixie Caviar always has the most delicious Southern recipes. After I made her football sandwiches in September it was all over. This is my kind of eating.

Even*Cleveland is smarts, women's style, great music, art, everything cool. If I had to recommend one blog this year, this would be it.

Happenstance is straight-up awesomeness from Long Beach. Love everything on here.

Heart in a Cage is a blogging beauty.

Her Ribbons and Her Bows speaks to me.

Garden & Gun's The Sporting South is just a fun new read from a great magazine, and makes me feel hard core.

Stylish Bird is a great design blog by interior designer Amanda Teal. Her aesthetic is perfect.


Fleurette said...

Wow, I'm so honored to be on your list. Thank you, I love your blogs!

Happenstance said...

Lizzie! I didn't even know about this blog! And what an honor to be one of your 12 blogs. Thanks, you're the coolest:)

evencleveland said...

This is some seriously killer company.

I had no idea you had multiple blogs. Tomboy Style is one of my present fixations and I've been forwarding the link to everyone I know, and then to find this. Pure awesome. Thank you!