Feb 15, 2007

Reform School

Yesterday after a delicious lunch at Silver Lake's Pho Cafe (yes, it is as good or better than Gingergrass) my friends Lisa and Nina and I went looking for the place where people convert Reagan-era diesel Mercedes into cars that run on Vegetable oil, Lovecraft Biofuels (also happens to be the place where Arnold converted all of his Hummers, good work Governor). Right before we got there we stumbled into the store Reform School and spent about and hour there.
The store is relatively small, but each time I slowly walked through it I found new awesome things. They have a great selection of books, t-shirts for babys, dog toys, greeting cards—in fact I bought a Valentine for Matt there that said, "For Like Ever", the poster print of which was featured on the cover of Domino Magazine a few months ago. Even better is most of the merch there comes from recycled material—definitely a place worth checking out!

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