Mar 15, 2007

The Bar

Last night I went to one of my most favorite bars, The Bar, for their third anniversary party (owned by the same people as Magnolia Restaurant). I love this place because in L.A., it seems owners just keep flipping the decor of a place every six months with the cheapest/trendiest decor they can find, and then slap a new name on the place. Are these places really replacing the cool places to get drinks, where they play Def Leppard, and have a decent bartender? The interior of The Bar is small and narrow, and the space resembles a vintage parlor with its deep-brown/rouge color scheme, wall sconces, table candles, hanging fans and flocked wallpaper. It is located at 5851 Sunset Blvd. on the corner of Bronson Ave in L.A.. Above is a shot of my friend Ashley on the back patio of the bar a year or so ago before she abandoned me for London—I love that shot. And the little pic was all I could scrape off the internet of the interior.

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Anonymous said...

best damn bar in la. fer serious.